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JETPAK website page is designed to provide mobile-centric very high speed perfomance to your current non-AMP websites for an extremely affordable price. It's 4 time faster than normal websites when viewed on smart phones and tablets.

A JETPAK AMP page is attached to your current domain name and hosted site. The new JETPAK is built with a key summary of your main page information and links that are optimised to be found on mobiles. With responsive design it looks good on any device whether it’s a smart phone or a good old fashioned desktop computer. JETPAK design reduces your bounce rate and stops customers leaving your site when it does not load in under 3 seconds.

The JETPAK website is keenly priced at $499 inc gst installed.  We install and validate the JETPAK ($399 inc gst) new site using your current login details as provided by you for a once off install fee of $100 inc gst (for an average access website) and that includes 1 year of JETPAK support.  For the difficult to access websites we reserve the right offer a time based varied installation price.

You can elect to install JETPAK ($399 inc gst) yourself on your own site and we waive the install fee and provide a how to guideline. Contact us if you wish to use this DIY option. There are no other costs for this service.  Subsequent year support packages are available for our supplied and installed sites but are optional.

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